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We enable lenders, banks, fintechs and retailers to quickly extend credit, BNPL, cash advances using our lending-as-a-service.

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Cut Through the Credit Confusion

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Score thin-files with speed

We enable you to score your thin file population quickly and affordably

Originate easier

Use our origination widget equipped with bank statement OCR, verification and scoring within mintutes!

Grow your book seamlessly

Extend facilities to both SMEs and individuals using the same API

Offer credit to under-served customers with Akiba's embedded lending platform

Our Plug-and-play APIs and Saas enables:

Built to optimise your lending

We've aggregated a multitude of borrower datasets to offer you a rich credit risk view through our API. Your developers can now focus on creating amazing digital experiences for your customers.

Plug-and-play with one API

Our single-API platform connects you to the data you need to understand your borrowers and their behaviours from the day they onboard and beyond. You get more automated decisions, better conversions and less fraud; your customers get a better experience.


Digitise your origination in minutes

Our highly customisable plug and play loan origination widget makes it easy for you to digitise your origination with automated credit scoring, ID verification and fraud detection.

Get verified borrowers

With the widget, you get to confirm the submitted bank statements, identity of the borrower and the income/ turnover of the borrower

Automate credit decisioning

Get an automated score of your borrow at origination alongside a recommendation based on their calculated lending risk.

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Pricing that suits your volumes

Choose the right pricing for you and get starterd with your project

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